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AR-15 Parts Utah | Custom AR-15 Lower Receivers | 855-445-9662


AR-15 Parts Utah

Custom AR-15 Parts in Utah

AR-15 Parts UtahNew custom AR-15 lower receivers that improve the performance and looks of the military-style rifle favored by many shooters are now being distributed in Utah and around the US by Brigade Manufacturing. These new lightweight but strong AR-15 parts include integrated trigger guards that make them stronger while enabling use of gloves for those who shoot during colder weather. Enthusiasts looking for AR-15 parts in Utah can find this new lower receiver from Brigade Manufacturing on their website.

Match-grade precision lower available in 5.56 and 7.62 NATO

This new custom AR-15 lower receiver from Brigade comes in 5.56 and 7.62 NATO calibers to make the standard military-style rifle a unique addition to any firearms collection. It is durable, reliable and well-suited for building a custom rifle for uses ranging from three-gun competitions to weekend target shooting. The match-grade custom AR-15 lower is built to very tight tolerances and adds value to any custom rifle. The best shooters use match-grade equipment, and the custom AR-15 lower is the kind of upgrade that will improve the performance of your rifle.

Aircraft-grade Aluminum Billet Reduces Weight and Increases Strength

Built out of 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum billet and using CNC machining technology, the new AR-15 lower receiver by Brigade Manufacturing is lightweight and very strong with an oversized magazine well to enable users to quickly change ammo magazines. The 7075-T6 aluminum is as strong as steel but much lighter with high tensile strength to ensure the part is durable. The custom AR-15 lower is bead-blasted by hand for a quality finish and great looks. Bead-blasting is a process in which countless small glass beads scour metal surfaces to remove any surface deposits to make them smooth and flawless.

Small Trigger Pinholes for Precision Performance

Equipped with 0.154-inch trigger pinholes, this custom AR-15 lower receiver works very well with standard law enforcement and military gear. It also works great with a variety of custom triggers to make the AR-15 a truly personalized firearm for its owner. An aftermarket trigger can improve the performance of a standard or customized AR-15 rifle, and the 0.154-inch trigger pinholes make the lower receiver compatible with a wide selection of aftermarket triggers.

Cerakote Finish for Durable Custom Colors

The custom AR-15 lower receiver comes with a highly durable Cerakote finish to create a truly personalized military-style rifle that won’t rust or corrode. Cerakote is a very durable ceramic firearms coating that is flexible and corrosion-resistant while enabling customization of the AR-15 parts. The lower receiver from Brigade is available in 4 custom colors.

The All-new Lower Receiver is Available Online From Brigade Manufacturing

The Brigade lower receiver is available exclusively online where we offer tactical AR-15 parts for Utah shooters that want improve the look and performance of their favorite rifles. Installing the Brigade Manufacturing lower receiver will make a custom AR-15 stand out among others while making the popular rifle a much better shooter. For more information or to order yours today, call Brigade Manufacturing at 855-445-9662 or log onto our website, http://www.brigadefirearms.com.