30 Dec 2013

Machined AR-15 Lower Receivers

Brigade manufacturing is introducing a billet aluminum AR-15 lower receiver for building custom rifles. The AR lowers are machined from a solid billet of 7075-T6 on CNC milling centers to provide the close tolerances needed for today’s action rifle. Photos, specs and ordering information are available at www.Brigadefirearms.com or call us for more information at 855-445-9662

The AR-15 Lower Receiver

The commonly used mil-spec AR lower is a lightweight aluminum forging that is designed to be easy to manufacture and meet military tolerances. Many of these mil-spec tolerances have more to do with wartime production than high quality. Millions have been made and for the most part, they work very well.

Billet machined AR lowers are not tied to any specifications that don’t improve the quality of the rifle. This allows the center of any rifle build to be purpose built for the project, not limited to one option, the mil-spec receiver.

Because there has really never been much of an option for AR lowers except for the mil-spec unit, shooters and custom builders have always just accepted the military style lower as the only game in town. Billet receivers allow builders to start from scratch when designing a custom AR. It is a new way of looking at this half century old design. Expect more great things to come!

Billet Receiver Advantages

There are numerous advantages with the machined AR-15 lower receivers. Very accurate alignment of trigger and hammer pin holes aid in the installation and reliable function of the fire control system. Added strength and rigidity make the gun stronger where the lower receiver and upper receiver mate and where the buffer tube system attaches to the AR lower. A tighter fit between upper and lower receivers also adds to the rigidity, accuracy and professional feel of the rifle.

Brigade AR-15 Lower Receivers – The Foundation

The center of a custom built AR is the lower receiver. The AR lower is critical to the functionality and quality of the finished project. The lower receiver holds the trigger unit, the magazine system, the buffer system, the stock, pistol grip and provides the critical alignment of these parts and functions with the upper receiver. A no-compromise billet receiver provides the custom builder or owner with the least limitations, better strength and accuracy and finishes not available on mil-spec receivers. Brigade’s billet receivers are available in MagPul Flat Dark Earth color, Graphite Black, Burnt Bronze and OD Green Cerakote finishes for the best in appearance and durability. For the AR-15 that is going to experience high round count, extensive hours training in CQB, vehicle exercises and weapon retention practice or that requires the highest degree of accuracy, billet receivers offer an improved option to the standard mil-spec receiver.

Brigade Manufacturing Inc. manufactures a high accuracy US made AR-15 Lower Receiver machined from billet aluminum and Cerakote finished. Photos, specs and ordering information are available at www.Brigadefirearms.com or call us for more information at 855-445-9662


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